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Paleo Style - Eggs with Bacon, AGAIN?

Updated: Jan 12

Wake up and have a fabulous Paleo breakfast ... Tempt your palate ...And flood your body with an energy that lasts all day ...

Paleo Breakfast Bible ...!

My goal with the Paleo Breakfast Bible is simple. Giving you the nutritious and delicious recipes that literally took me years to collect. Recipes that hit the spot ..

You'll enjoy deliciously amazing breakfasts like ...

  • Smoked salmon with scrambled eggs and sweet potato rosti ...

  • Lamb sausage with mashed cauliflower and roasted pumpkin ...

  • Grilled chicken with seaweed rolls ... great if you're in a hurry!

  • And how about my special chili recipe for breakfast? It is so tasty that you will love it every morning of the week!

  • And wait to try the meat lovers meatloaf - feed the whole family and keep your engine running all day.

And much, much more ... Remember that you are receiving more than 105 delicious recipes

Paleo Breakfast Bible ...!


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