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Hostgator Web-Hosting

Updated: Jan 2

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Step 1: Determine Your Website Goals.

You’re starting a website for a reason. What is it you want the site to accomplish?

Before you actually start working on the website itself, sit down and really work out what you want your website to achieve. If it’s a business website, your main goal will be increasing your business profits, but you’ll want to break that down into more specific and transitional goals as well, such as raising brand awareness or driving traffic into your store.

Step 2: Pick a Domain and Hosting Provider.

While you can take each of these steps separately, they’re lumped together here for a reason. Most hosting providers include a domain name (or multiple) in the cost of hosting, so you can save yourself some money by registering a domain through the hosting provider you go with.

Step 3: Plan Out Your Site Organization.

A successful website design requires proper organization. You need the website to be intuitive to users. And if you care about being easy to find, you also need it to be organized well for SEO.

With respect to, Hostgator is surely aggressive. While they offer plans beginning at $4.95 every month, thinking of it as just permits one area it's truly not possible for most of website admins. The $7.95 space hops definitely up and permits boundless areas so it will satisfy most easygoing web-mastering needs, and every one of them permit boundless FTP accounts, so you won't be compelled at any cost.

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