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"Please don't cut her leg ..."Cried my four-year-old grandson, tears running down his cheeks.

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"We did everything we could to stabilize him," said the doctor, "but it seems to be too late ..."

I couldn't believe my ears. Was it a few hours before I lost my leg because of diabetes?

I was 59 years old, and I had my first grandson, of whom I was very proud.

I planned to enjoy my retirement, spend time with my family and travel the world with my wife, Florence.

I couldn't do anything like that with one leg.

And All Because I Was One Of The 3.9 Million French People Suffering From Type 2 Diabetes ...

This deadly disease had devastated my body, exposed the nerves of my legs, blocked my blood circulation and made me a slave to medication…

Dr. De Vries explained that my leg had to be amputated and that the surgical procedure was very risky .

There could be complications, and my life would never be the same again .

But what he told me next was much worse.

You fell into a hyperosmolar non-ketotic coma , he says.

Your blood sugar was the highest I had ever seen when the paramedics took you to the hospital.

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